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You become a part of their world forever


note: say the above in a nasally, monotone voice

“In the face of my life all I can do is panic. Such is my useless and pathetic youth. Now, what we acquire along with our first wrinkle is our trust in life, this consent and this smile which says, Friend, I know all about you. Looking back, we will learn. Life never deceives man. Life has never deceived man.”

Welcome to my humble little blog. I'm Kashi, a simple Arashi fangirl. I'm also a font freak, Jam/Chair/OhMiya shipper, perfectionist, lover of androgynous men and comedic Jdramas, obsessive downloader, internet lurker, snarky pessimist, student, cheese eater, Nino ichiban-er, bad cook, drama marathoner, lazy bum, semi-pervert, Japanese mangler など (:

Guilty pleasures