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02 July 2011 @ 11:24 pm
So I'ma let you finish make this public.

I've been in the middle of nowhere for a few years, kind of distant from the fandom.

what are the best/must-have things to catch up on from the past 3 years?
I left after watching episode 1 of Uta no Oniisan. If that gives you a decent timeframe. Tv shows, must-read interviews, movies, dramas, specials, songs, etc. Any input is wonderful. Obviously I don't want to download everything, especially since my desire for fandom-as-life has waned. Any special moments I may have missed? I think I know most of the news updates, but other than that I'm a noob again.

as an aside, I've become a fan of Glee and Lady Gaga. And Jin's twitter.
♥: cheerfulcheerful