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12 January 2009 @ 02:22 pm
Today and yesterday, there was a happening
Yesterday, something surprising happened...............
My music disappeared!
The music I downloaded that day and the day before....
It's gone!
I still have it on my computer, but....
 Itunes won't add it, even if I try.
No Perfume, DBSK, or Chatmonchy.
It's an interesting thing....... but not good.

I searched for apartments
I am moving
That surely doesn't affect any of you
But, I wanted to note that.
So many changes in my life now.
 It's cool, though.


To say those things in a non-nikki sort of way, first, HOMG MY MUSIC IS GONE -weeps-
I have no idea what happened, really, it just... disappeared. I used to have 464 songs (yeah my computer got a new HD and it sucks to re-download) but now I have only 404. All of my recent downloads have disappeared, and they just don't want to go back into iTunes. I'm confused, but hopefully if I restart my computer or something it'll be fixed.

Second, MOVING?! EH?! Well that's what I thought at least, at first. It's kind of surprising, but in a way it's not. I actually like moving and being in a new house. It's like a new car, it has a fresh feeling to it. And I don't mind apartments at all either, even though I live in a house right now. I've gone from house to apartment before, it's not too bad. Hopefully we can find a good apartment though.
11 January 2009 @ 12:39 am
Yesyes, I said I was going to bed, but I got up later. I'm a true insomniac D:

Anyway, my sister just made a livejournal, so uh... Add her if you want? She's 13, not one of those retarded fangirls, and kind of like me I guess? Her username is happysmileagain (lol I picked this and took it from an Ikimonogakari song, plus Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi has that "smile again" part). She said she wants friends who like Ohmiya, but she doesn't really know about the pr0n fics and stuff (honestly I don't either), so like them in an innocent way I guess?

I finished watching Waterboys with her today, that movie was good! They never totally followed up on the guy who likes Tamaki Hiroshi's character, but what they did for those parts was really hilarious.
I think I may watch the drama sometime.

And here are all of Gmail's cute little emoji things for askyre!

10 January 2009 @ 02:28 am
It may not be, but this will be my last day doing it.
! Aiba Masaki is slowly but surely becoming my ichiban. I've loved Nino for about a year, now, and I think change is good. That being said, I'm honestly just going with the flow, and I'm starting to like Aiba a little bit better nowadays.
! I downloaded a ton of new music today. Getting back in touch with my English music, which makes me happy. I downloaded Fort Minor's album and I was reminded of how much I love songs like Believe Me, Remember the Name, and Where'd You Go.
! Rewatching Ryusei no Kizuna with my dad lolol.
! I want to discover more handwriting memes. They're fun!
! I bought a sleep mask, but it always seems to come off sometime during the night.
! I got an IQ test type thing (official one) and I tested highly superior in mostly everything.
! I'm going to finally get my PSAT score soon. I guess it got lost in the mail or something, so I had to call the school that administered it and stuff.
! I ate curry-flavored yakisoba today
09 January 2009 @ 07:58 pm
under the cut xDCollapse )
08 January 2009 @ 03:08 am
*note: these resolutions (mostly) only pertain to fandom and stuff; they aren't my only resolutions though.

! To make less of my entries f-locked. I mean, I like when random people come to my blog(s) and comment, so I guess I should keep things more open.
! To make more graphics.
! To spend less time on fandom.
! To watch more Jdramas (ah a little bit contradictory there)
! To watch more Kdramas
! To be better about commenting and communicating with my flist
! To help more people
! To make new friends (I don't just mean online, lol)
! To better myself
! To sleep more. And less. Okay, more at night, and less during the day.

I did two handwriting memes and I wrote my whole blog post on paper, but the computer that's connected to the scanner isn't on, and it's 3:20 AM, so that will wait until tomorrow. Today. Yeah.